Static & Dynamic Fluid

Fluida Statis Topik-topik yang berkaitan: • Massa jenis • Hukum Pascal p=F/A=konstan • Tekanan hidrostatik • Tekanan udara (atm) 1 atm = 76 cmHg = 1.01x105 Pa • Hukum (Gaya) Archimedes Fa =rho gV Fluida Dinamik • Fluida yang dipelajari adalah fluida ideal yang memenuhi: 1. Tak termampatkan  volume tetap jika diberikan tekanan 2.... Continue Reading →


Draft : Math Material for Prime High School

Grade 7th 1 HIMPUNAN Himpunan dan anggota Himpunan Menyatakan Himpunan Himpunan Berhingga dan Tak Berhingga Himpunan Semesta, Kosong, Ekuivalen, Bagian Himpunan Kuasa dan Diagram Venn Hubungan Antar Himpunan Operasi dan Sifat Himpunan Rumus Hubungan Antara Irisan dan Gabungan 2 BILANGAN BULAT Pengertian dan Operasi Hitung Penaksiran Hasil Perkalian dan Pembagian FPB dan KPK Pemangkatan dan... Continue Reading →

Draft : Thermodynamic

A. Sifat-sifat Gas Ideal - Gas ideal : kumpulan-kumpulan partikel suatu zat yang memiliki jarak lebih jauh dibandingkan ukuran partikelnya. - Terdapat beberapa jenis gas, yaitu manoatomik(H), diatomik (H2), triatomik (H2O) Persamaan umum gas - Hukum Boyle : pV=konstan - Hukum Gay Lussac V/T=konstan - Hukum B-GL PV/T=konstan, jika perubahan keadaan gas terjadi pada ruangan... Continue Reading →

Draft : DC

1. Current 2. Ohm Law 3. Hambatan pada kawat penghantar 4. Pengaruh suhu terhada resistor sama halnya terhadap panjang, luas, volume 5. Kirchoff 1 6. Serial dan Parallel Resistors 7. Wheat stone Bridge 8. Delta Y Transformation 9. Another form of Wheat Stone Transformation (2 types)

All of us have to be ready

Almost every time the electricity is off in my hometown.. This condition likely happens because in this week wind is so great.. Yeah, windy is coming.. Last night, a bad unexpected accident happened.. In windy night a tree fell down and destroyed a habitant's house.. We are sorry to hear that.. But It happened.. Presumably,... Continue Reading →

IELTS of Mine

To tell you the truth, tonight I cannot be happier, althought the electricity is off now.. Last time I attempted to complete IELTS Practise Test, especially in Reading Section in Mann book.. Yeah, today I am focusing my self in three modules out 4, they are L, R, and W.. One reason that makes me... Continue Reading →

Talking about Future Career

Last days, after chatting with my friend, confusing about my future appeared.. My friends wanna take computer science as their course in grad school. To tell you thr truth, I am also interested in comp sci since I realized that comp sci is more applicable and more beneficial than math is.. Besides that, I do... Continue Reading →


So, it made me to focus more on math course. And how about IELTS? Yeah, my final destination is getting overall band 7 in IELTS. So, I can get the great ticket in applying scholarship and processing admission in oversea colleges plus proposing visas. Unfortunately, I just practiced about Listening section and several reading section... Continue Reading →

The First Day in August 2016

In this day I like to tell you that I am still looking forward getting the acceptable score in TOEFL and IELTS. For your information, I have been learning both intensively since January 2016. First, I took 1 month Integrated IELTS Program at Test English School in Pare.. At that time, I felt that my... Continue Reading →

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