A Company Who Hardly Sends Salary Detail

It is totally annoying waiting for a detail of salary every single month here where I am work. Seriously, for me waiting for it is like waiting for study report at the school or college. I just do not know why this company still defends this act all months. Is it politic to hide the truth of employees’ salary detail or to be lazy to make it done.

Please, employer where I am being hired now. It is completely employees’ right getting and knowing their salary detail each month and why you are like trying not to conceal it. Should I use law way which is more legal? Hello.. I know, we know there is something you are hiding on there, there is something you are struggling on there, there is something you are defending on there, but come on, make it done our right fully as the agreement before. We had done our duty, but in the end of month you always do not finish your obigation for us which is sending the detail of our salary on time.

To tell you the truth, this condition will make your employees trying to leave your company. So, it is not uncommon that every year your employees are gone.

At the end, I tell you that if you like to continue an agreement with your employees whether they are experienced or newbie, please try to complete your duty as we finish our duty fully. Or if one of us not to do that, believe me sometime who ruined this agreement will ruin naturally.. Allright. That is all for me who are still waiting for salary detail.


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