Express Design

It was in the late of work time.. My co worker asked me to make name tag for an event for Ramadhan 1438 H.. As usual, I would accept this chance as long as it was related to my ability and  interest.. Yeah, computer and design..

Well, I am just a beginner in design..  I have learned how to make a design using Corel Draw.. Again, it was very simple design.. Yeah, I am sorry, I could not continue study design deeper because of time consuming in learning.. Correct!! Everything in our life is time consuming.. So, that is why we are here, in this real world..

Back to design, at that time I could not use Corel Draw since I used shared computer which there was no Corel Draw Software installed there.. So, I just used Powerpoint to make it done.. In learning design with Corel Draw, I felt Corel Draw was not very welcome to me.. You know, I have master of CD from 13-16 versions, but no one was installed in my PC since it needed serial number.. Forgive for using unoriginal one..

Well talk again to that name tag.. By my humble skill in design, finally, it was well done.. I tried to take background and theme of design from background of donation proposal.. You know that I just shot picture from pdf file of that proposal.. Sized it to the expected size.. Make few copies and well done… And it was ready to be printed by Epson printer at my office..

And, at last this is the result of my humble design.. Hopefully, I can develop my design skill later.. Yeah.. I hope so..


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