Ramadhan 1438 H

Hi everyone. I bet most of you are waiting for the great Ramadhan which is the unbeatable guest ever in one year. Generally, in Islam, Ramadhan facilitates us as an Islam believer to increase our religious act to be the highest one known as taqwa, the best prestige for muslim.

As well as people know, Ramadhan lasts for 29 or 30 days which is not too short and not too lonng.. Yeah.. It is medium term. In Ramadhan Allah rises our point to many degrees above. For example, you will get extra point if you do religious service in Ramadhan than out Ramadhan and that is something useful for us to be closer with the Creator.

Besides that, Allah gives us one night called Qadar Eve when He come into the surface of the Earth. Meanwhile, angel will pray the people who are do religious act at that time. Not only that, extra million thousand other creators will also pray us for the goodness.

In Ramadhan, if we seriously take benefit of it, Allah will clean our sins, will free us from the helf included the fire’s, and also will bless us more than ever.

After Ramadhan we can bear again like baby who does not have any sin or like white paper with no ink on it. We hope we can meet with Ramadhan this year coming in this week of this month.. Aamiin..


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