Finally, I have taken ITP Toefl for the second time. Since 2 months waited for date of test makes me feel excited to kill all ITP Toefl. But, one thing that you have to know is I am actually still unprepared for the test since I could not score constantly passing the expected score. Besides that I still have many tasks on complete test of Toefl that I have not tried yet. Yeah, actually I have much material about Toefl since I am usually industrious for browsing and downloading ebook from internet.

That test ran as usual like what I passes almost 4 years ago. In detail for 3 first questions of listening section I got nervous, so I did know if I chose the correct answers.

After finishing and exiting from room I felt joy proved my facial expression. Before the test I guessed as the time goes by, the difficulty of test will be higher. Fortunately it was wrong.

More than 2 weeks waiting for the test result, finally it declared on last days of this month. And the result made me cannot express happy or regret.

It is enough for several admissions but not for others. Apparently, I am still not good enough in listening. I got 2 point minus in it, but 1 point plus in reading. Since it is neutral in the rest which is grammar, I still have 1 point minus.

Maybe for regretting, I guessed at the test I though “imaginary” in grammar section is adjective so I chose it a right choice. Presumably, I have to learn more in structure and listening harder eventough I do not know whether I will try taking it again or not…


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