Confused in Deciding WeBlog

Hello there..
Today I wanna type some ideas that come from my mind.. Actually, I wanna write something about everything whether about my life, other lives, study, informations, etc.

But, the problem is I just have not decided where to make them yet. Yeah, I have many media or facilities where to write them. Facebook as social media or my blogs. Yeah, I have many blogs. They are integrated in blogspot, wordpress, and tumblr. But, I just do not know what blog I should take for it.. Or should I make a new one.

Honestly, I prefer in wordpress, but I am getting trouble with internet connection to make it. Besides that, I have to repair my old wordpress.

Yeah.. There are many reasons that make me confused to use wordpress. First few my friend know that is my blog which is my mind, my idea, my everything. So, I just do not want they know completely about me, myself.

Second one, my wordpress has a good rating so far.. So, if I make a new one I could not guarantee that rating will catch it up later.. Hehehe.. Hopefully, I can decide it soon.. Aamiin..


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