BPJS Story (1)

It’s my story about processing health insurance owned and controlled by government known as “BPJS Kesehatan” as a condition for post graduate admission at my proposed university in Indonesia. Here is the story. It was on Monday. I had tried to figure out how to get the insurance office that I meant to get there... Continue Reading →


Express Design

It was in the late of work time.. My co worker asked me to make name tag for an event for Ramadhan 1438 H.. As usual, I would accept this chance as long as it was related to my ability and  interest.. Yeah, computer and design.. Well, I am just a beginner in design..  I... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan 1438 H

Hi everyone. I bet most of you are waiting for the great Ramadhan which is the unbeatable guest ever in one year. Generally, in Islam, Ramadhan facilitates us as an Islam believer to increase our religious act to be the highest one known as taqwa, the best prestige for muslim. As well as people know,... Continue Reading →

Study, Work, and Marriage

Well well well.. In this time I would like to type several ideas of mine about those three words.. Yeah, Those words are must for all of us in this era.. We cannot survive well without study. Everything we do in the future needs a comprehensive study about objects. Besides that almost people in having... Continue Reading →


Finally, I have taken ITP Toefl for the second time. Since 2 months waited for date of test makes me feel excited to kill all ITP Toefl. But, one thing that you have to know is I am actually still unprepared for the test since I could not score constantly passing the expected score. Besides... Continue Reading →

Employed Unproperly

It has been a year I am employed unproperly (employed by myself =>> almost unemployed). The reason of that is preparing for post grad study, but I do not know whether it is true or not. So well. I am afraid to tell you the truth why I decided to be unemployed. Besides preceeding reason... Continue Reading →

Confused in Deciding WeBlog

Hello there.. Today I wanna type some ideas that come from my mind.. Actually, I wanna write something about everything whether about my life, other lives, study, informations, etc. But, the problem is I just have not decided where to make them yet. Yeah, I have many media or facilities where to write them. Facebook... Continue Reading →

Math for A Level

Eksponen (bentuk pangkat) Bentuk Akar Logaritma Konsep Nilai Mutlak Persamaan Linear: PLDV Persamaan Nilai Mutlak Pertidaksamaan Linear: PtLSV dan PtLDV SPLDV SPLTV Aplikasi SPL dalam kehidupan sehari-hari SPtLDV § Gambar daerah HP § Mencari kendala dari soal cerita Notasi matriks Jenis-jenis Matriks Kesamaan dua buah matriks Operasi pada matriks Determinan Matriks Definisi Relasi Domain dan... Continue Reading →

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